Hey! I'm Becca!

About me

I'm so happy that you've found your way here! I am a 23 year old human being currently living in Jönköping where I study New Media Design. 

I love making art, write poetry, go for long walks and drink wine. 

xoxo becca

"You are always ONE DECISION away

from a totally different life"

There's this saying, that the worst enemy is self-doubt. We are often the ones who stop ourselves from making a change and going after our wildest dreams. Why? Because if we never try, we can't fail. But you know what, I'm here to tell you that there are so much more in life than believing in your own thoughts. You DESERVE everything you want. So if I can ask you, what would YOU do if you were not afraid?

Fun facts about me

Things I love:
The moon, coffee in the morning and creative flows!
Astrology sign:
Favourite time of the year:
The shifts in seasons, when summer becomes fall and winter becomes spring. 
Personality type:
Mostly used organization system:
Countries I want to visit:
Bali, again, or travel more around Asia